Islands of Nyne Press Kit


Drop into massive, alien-built arenas and begin the frantic search for weapons and gear – all while trying to stay one step ahead of the advancing plasma field… or the sights of other contenders. Use your newly found gear to hunt down other players or inevitably face them during the final stages of the match – for The Nyne will only accept one victor. Do you have what it takes?


The Nyne, a series of advanced AI, are all that remains of an ancient alien race that was once firmly seated in a place of power in the universe. They are now the architects of a massive spectacle of tournaments, used to amass wealth for the alien race that destroyed their civilization.


Define Human Studios was founded in 2015 with the goal of creating a new fast-paced science fiction shooter for the battle royale genre.  After a successful Kickstarter campaign, co-founders Rob Logan and Jake Tolton set forth to become both developer and publisher of their interpretation of a new battle royale.  During the phases of development, talented designers and developers have joined the ranks with past experience from working at companies such as Epic Games, Bioware, and Ubisoft.  Islands of Nyne is a game cultivated from modest beginnings that has transformed into a serious contender in the battle royale market.


    • First-person-only gameplay
    • A performance-based competitive ranking system
    • Comprehensive player performance and stat recording systems
    • Massive arenas featuring weapons and locations that reflect the time periods of the abducted contestants
    • Fast-paced shooter elements such as jump pads, zero fall damage, skill-based shooting mechanics, and supply drops
    • Lore-based environments and equipment
    • In-game marketplace for cosmetic enhancements
    • Dynamic match pacing adapts to playercount